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S The Show

The golden decade shines once again. Tango Porteño recreates the golden age of the forties, which is unquestionably known as the reign of the tango, the great Argentinean passion. Here you will travel through time in the glory days of Buenos Aires when tango was enjoyed and breathed in every corner of the city.
Tango Porteño is a marvelous space where all the stars of the Golden Age of Tango live together. During the magical decade the great orchestras of Canaro, Fresedo, Piazzolla, De Caro, Gobbi, Biagi, De Angelis, Di Sarli, D´Arienzo, Lomuto, D´Agostino, and of course the unforgettables both Troilo and Pugliese.
The meticulous scenery and costumes at the Tango Porteño create the ultimate framework to transport you to that enchanting time when all Buenos Aires was Tango - an unforgettable experience.

L The Location

Tango Porteño, it is a unique, magnifique and unrepeatable place...

We have recreated the most important, unparalleled age of Tango history in our Tango Porteño. In this special place only a few steps from the famous Obelisk we have recovered the essence of a unique time and place. The setting is luxurious and is the embodiment of refined ambience; a treasured Metro Goldwyn Mayer movie theater from bygone years. The theater was restored down to the last detail in pure art-deco style and is complemented with an artistic staff, unbeatable productions, and high-quality gastronomic creations.

We have a great commitment to excellence, and our mission has been fulfilled. Tango Porteño is the image of Buenos Aires.

G Gourmet

The top quality and care to detail in each and all dishes on Tango Porteño menu are on a par with the overall proposal.

Top quality ingredients are used to make the plenty dishes offered every evening. State-of-the-art equipment is in place to ensure quality assurance of every single detail.

The careful cooking, service quality and care to detail make every evening an unforgettable experience. A cozy environment, an exquisite meal, and a world-class show make up Tango Porteño proposal every single evening.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

H Historical Review

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