Our House

Tango Porteño is the image of Buenos Aires,

“The City of Tango”

In the heart of the city, a few meters from the emblematic Obelisco lies the most distinguished Tango House of Buenos Aires: Tango Porteño, a magical place that beautifully recreates the best years of the golden decade.

The luxurious building where Tango Porteño operates used to be the famous Cine Metro, owned by Metro-Golden-Meyer.


Albert Bourdon


October 1956

Art Deco


Refined and elegant


Come to relive the most important and transcendent era in the history of Tango!

Our Show

Travel to the golden decade of tango through a show with more than 25 artists on stage, a live orchestra, unmatched voices, and a unique scenic display.

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Our location Cerrito 570, CABA